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Theatre Review: ‘The LaLas Burlesque’

Posted By: John Szablewskion:

Usually around this time of the year the traditional theatre seasons come to a close, and when you are a reviewer like me, you need to find something to review so that your readers don’t forget about you over the summer. I work hard to keep you folks up to date on my travels! Anyway, I like to visit new venues over the summer and see what they are up to in the ‘off season.’ So, I decided to take a trip to scenic Niagara Falls, New York and visit the Seneca Niagara Casino to see my first burlesque show! And boy, let me tell you, I’m glad that there was air conditioning because this show is hot!

The laughs are loud, the show is fierce. . .I’m glad that there was air conditioning because this show is hot!

The LaLas Burlesque show comes directly from Los Angeles and is the brain child of Erin Lamont, a celebrity choreographer who has worked in films, television, and on national commercials. Lamont stages a show that is hysterical, sexy, and something that you are likely to remember for a long time. No one is safe when The LaLas take to the stage, and come out into the audience, especially the guy reviewing the show. . .that’s me in case you were wondering. . .to entertain and get your blood boiling.

A cast of five beautiful ladies make this night exciting and fun. These ladies are all professional dancers by day, but by night, they create tastefully sensual entertainment for a wide array of audience attendees to enjoy. Laura, Béné, Michelle, SaraAnne, and host Tonya Kay have just as much fun performing for the hooting and hollering audience, as we do watching them!

Since most of the audience members had not attended a burlesque show before, it was explained by Tonya Kay what exactly is expected from the audience, and since this is a family friendly site, I cannot go into too vivid of details, but I will say, that audience participation is extremely welcomed and desired! This is one of the first times, except for when I’ve attendedThe Rocky Horror Show, that you are encouraged to cat call and holler at the performers. It is very interesting and contributes to the overall atmosphere. I just hope that I am able to break this new habit when I review my next show. . .

The show entails a variety of acts including a clown, balloon animals, tassels, skirts, pearls, cake batter, fishnet stockings and stiletto heals; all set to a bunch of rock tunes that you are sure to know and love.

The laughs are loud, the show is fierce, and although you need to be at least 21 years old to attend, you are not likely for ever forget the experience. It makes for a great night out. . .I guarantee it!

Running Time: 75 Minutes with no intermission.

Advisory: Nudity, Adult Humor, and Content.

The LaLas Burlesque runs until June 18, 2016 and is presented at The Bear’s Den Showroom at Seneca Niagara Casino and Resort. For more information on The LaLas, click here. To follow The Lalas on Instagram, click here. 

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